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The new super competence of agile collaboration

Working in the modes of crisis management and decision-making uncertainty is the new "normal". Our body's own working memory, the central nervous system, runs at full capacity. As a result, only those processes that are necessary for survival are served, which mean either struggle or inner retreat. In this situation we are absolutely unable to cope with complex challenges.

In order to be able to act innovatively, co-creatively and in a solution-oriented manner, we have to be able to recognize the utilization of our main memory at an early stage, to clean up RAM eaters and to activate a brand new CPU that we have long carried within us: somatic intelligence.


Forest bathing | Shinrin Yoku

Not only the body but also the psyche benefits from a trip to the forest. In the case of depressive moods and burnout, forest bathing can be a real stress relief and reduce internal pressure. So it's worth taking a little break and planning a trip to the forest.


Exercise guide retreat & meditation

The inner journey is not quite over yet. There is still time to experience loneliness as a gift. While more control, more measures and more complexity can be experienced in the outside world, our inner journey is about reduction: less is more. In meditation this unconditional joy in being and the inner richness can be impressively experienced. With a little practice and these instructions, you will succeed.



In this play paper you will learn what »Serious Play« is, what it is good for, and how exactly you can use it in the circle of your family with a lot of joy and depth. Holidays or special events are particularly suitable for creating closeness, understanding for one another and more cohesion. With our playpaper you will succeed with ease!


Recollecting yourself | the human side of agile

Let the others talk about home office tips! As usual, you will learn from us the deeper connections and secrets that will relieve and support you in times of crisis. In our intro you will learn how the inner work enables you to do the outer work. But wait ... there is more ... practical exercises will follow in the next part of our FIVE4RETREAT series!

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