Leadership in a VUCA-world: The Jedi-path to Agile Mastery

Realise your potential

VUCA is not just another acronym. Originally coined by the American military to describe a situation fraught with a variety of challenges, it now has a permanent place in the realms of strategic leadership. Those who have made it into an enterprise management role are finding that their leadership skills are truly being tried and tested on account of the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment we are in.


  • Understand reference systems
  • Dysbalances of the usual management world
  • Mentoring as a management tool
  • The path of the Jedi as a leadership development
  • Holistic leadership development with the quaternity-principle
  • Radical self-responsibility and transpersonal leadership

Manifesto for agile Leadership

We are developing better ways to lead in agile contexts by doing it ourselves and helping others.
Through this activity, we have come to appreciate these values:

  • Appreciation and responsibility more than control and regulation
  • Transformation and integrity more than planning and image
  • Systemic view and exploration more than rationalization and evaluation
  • Liveliness and humor more than problem orientation and seriousness

That is, while there is value on the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

Flowland - The Map

Agile forms of work and meaningful business concepts have fascinated us since we began our work as consultants.

We have documented our wanderings through the world of self-organization of our customers in a map - the result is called FLOWLAND.


Enjoy the exploration of this fascinating landscape of agile practice.