We are

Together we are liberating your agile business performance
through tranformational journeys.



Reconnect business with vitality.


Organizations can be places for appreciative encounter and vital human development. Yet, many business models and unaware leaders prevent a company’s culture from being meaningful and efficient.

We believe in organizations and their leaders to be positive influencing forces on our society by transforming to purpose-driven, inventive places of personal growth, playful performance and sustainable profitability.



Our Organization

As a self-organized Boutique-Consultancy we work consequently process oriented. Doing the right things at the right time is our way of setting the appropriate rhythm and pulse for organizational and inter-personal development. Our 5BEAT® framework is our ultimate tool to handle complexity and lead transformational journeys for individuals, teams and the whole system of a company. Together we co-create workplaces to leverage the full potential in leaders and businesses.

Our Engagement

Living up to our purpose, we engage in non-commercial partnership other inspiring projects.