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The five4success framework - Agile Dynamics

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Pragmatism instead of dogmatism

Not the game has changed, but the frame in which it takes place. Management practices, methods and structures need not be reinvented. However, it is important to adapt the underlying thought patterns to the new context. Five4success calls this approach to transformation "AgileDynamics". At five4success, we have accompanied companies in their agile transformation for 20 years.

Purple: Community Meme - Brand & Rituals

Gemeinschaftliches Meme.jpg

"Once upon a time there was so much cohesion, such an ingenious togetherness, a sense of pioneering spirit and family; Team spirit and open doors ... but with the success and the growing number of employees, much of the familiarity has fallen by the wayside. " We know such statements only too well. A start-up in the growth phase is struggling with fragmented teams, new structures and too much focus on functionality.


In order for your corporate spirit and belief in your products to be equally preserved and developed further, we will consistently align your organization with the core brand. Tradition and pioneering spirit at the same time. Rituals and appreciation as the gravity of your culture. Together, we make sure that your brand stays attractive to employees, customers and partners. We upload your brand with archetypal qualities and celebrate on our legendary campus events. Stay Real - stay Rebel!

Red: Decision Meme - Initiative & Leadership


Dynamic changes in the market, constantly changing customer requirements and internal meetings without result. The more uncertain and turbulent your corporate realities are right now, the more you need strong leaders. Courage, and the will to make a difference, are not a means to demonstrate dominance and power, but in the right context, the guarantee of success. A good game needs strong referees!


From our experience, we know how hot the topic of power is in relation to leadership. But it is precisely the leadership at eye level that needs the quality to be able to deal with confrontations and to quickly resolve critical situations beyond personal sensitivities. Executives learn to live self-confidently their power competence with a clear focus.

Blue: Structural Meme - Meaning & Value Stream Design

Struktur Meme.jpg

Pyramid, network or holocracy? Tribes, Squads or Department? So what will it be?

As you would like to set up your organization, it is crucial that you take into account the deep need for orientation and security of your employees. Processes should always be aligned with the customer, bring true benefits and be guided with sound minds - values ​​should serve as a convincing foundation for decent coexistence. More is not needed.


We are specialists in implementing value stream design and advise you on aligning your business with meaningfulness, values ​​and excellent teams. Together, we ensure fluid, streamlined processes that preserve proven work practices and tools while enabling new approaches to efficiency and sustainability.

Orange: Entrepreneurial meme - opportunity & success

Unternehmerisches Meme_bearbeitet.jpg

More than ever before, success is a question of entrepreneurial innovation, of knowledge leadership and of speed. Those who want to secure a competitive advantage invest in training their employees, open up their business to new business options, go some wrong ways and have the courage to think in terms instead of living in constraints.


The five4success regulation model provides the necessary know-how with regard to lasting performance enhancement and potential development. To analyze your true talents, we use the most progressive psychometric and integral profiles currently available on the market.


Everyone has brilliant ideas! The problem lies in our rash assessment. We show you the path of curiosity, the path of unintentional innovation and renewal.

Green: Integrative Memes - Co-creation & Relationship

Integratives Meme.jpg

Organizations recognize that success today is a collaborative engagement. Coping with complexity and dynamics can not be the task of a single heroic leader. Sustainability awareness unfolds from the sense of the value of our world and not to improve the brand image.


With this realization begins a dialogue about change intelligence, entrepreneurial participation, co-creative design and social gain of your enterprise.


Dialogue Intelligence, Transparent Communication, Team Detox, and Integrated Leadership Training are just a few of the tools we recommend you to open up your business. If you are curious enough, we will accompany you in the search for a personal vision in the middle of the wilderness or assist you in resolving disturbing patterns of behavior about somatic work.

yellow: Systemic Memes - Knowledge & Networks

Systemisches Meme.jpg

Open mindset and flexibility are part of your daily practice as well as flowing with constant change. It does not have to be explainable, the main thing is, it works!


Healthy pragmatism, synergies, rhythm and changing roles are a natural part of your work. It's about the new leadership equation "How should WHO lead/manage/motivate/inspire WHOM to do WHAT, with WHICH people living WHERE?"


This approach is probably the biggest challenge, as well as the biggest benefit of your agile transformation; the leap from agile doing to agile being. The method is no longer the deciding factor - the way you use the method makes the music! The systemic meme is not a head-birth, as many systemicists would like, but arises from the inner experience that you have brought with us through our accompaniment of the mages of purple to green. What you'd like to do with us at every level: Play the AgileDynamicsGame® and become part of a growing global movement that makes our world worth living.

five4success is a certified partner for ValueMatch Assessments.

With these from Dr. Don Beck accredited instruments we offer you safe

Measurement procedures for personality, team and cultural preferences based on SpiralDynamics integral or Reinventing Organizations.

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