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We believe in organizations as positive drivers of our sustainable society by developing into meaningful, innovative places of personal growth, playful performance and sustainable profitability.


We are




Michael Fuchs

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Like no other, Michael has an unmistakable sense of groundbreaking future trends.


Thanks to his subtle nose, he collects and combines the crucial aspects of economics, psychology, Eastern and Western philosophy. This is how Michael develops his visionary solution approaches and uses them to develop agile organizations.


For over 20 years deals with topics around transformation and complexity. He teaches lean management, self-organization and agile thinking in teams and large groups. If Michael is convinced of a topic, then he dives deep into it, consistently, critically questioning and with full enthusiasm, as he has learned in professional sports.


But he does not just stay on the intellectual level. As a budoka, he has more than 40 years of meditation experience and deepens in topics such as Breathwork, Flowskills and Neurofeedback. Anyone who comes into contact with Michael in personal contact, will quickly realize that he is just able to perceive the unspoken immediately. He can feel the space and the vibrations and read in it like in an open book. 


Unceasingly and tirelessly he follows his heart's desire. His mentoring is direct and off and provocative, but always full of appreciation.


Jochen Messner

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Jochen is the creative head of the team, he is literally bursting with new ideas.He gains creativity from his varied interests from music to psychology to adventurous adventure sports.

He loves to spontaneously improvise and develop innovative gamification concepts. He shows how professionalism can go hand in hand with playful creation.


Before themes or ideas become too abstract, Jochen again brings in a sense of reality and appreciation with boldness. He keeps his calm and grounds the process, even when lightning has just hit.


This creative versatility combined with pragmatism makes Jochen a great management consultant, a successful game developer and a knowledgeable author.


With his contagious positive and informal nature, Jochen inspires people to change their perspective with ease. Our customers and we are each time surprised by how different things look when turned upside down.


Jochen is the creative spirit who accompanies us on our professional journeys, shares newly found treasures with us and transforms them into new ideas. He succeeds in bringing the newly discovered to life with ease.

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