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Training series around the life coaching board game based on the hero's journey - live, virtual or mixed.

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The adventurous roller coaster ride through magical worlds to your full potential makes this ...

available from July
Price, - €
including VAT plus shipping



Live gaming session with the two developers. Learn how to make the most of each phase of the game ...

Format: 3 x 60 min online LIVE gaming
89, - €
plus VAT.





Certification for coaches and therapists. Accompany your clients sustainably with this ...

Format: 3 x 60 min online LIVE training + 8 h face-to-face training
250, - €
plus VAT.


from July

plus VAT and shipping

Age: from 12 years

Playing time: approx. 90-120 min

Number of players: 2-6

370 x 270 x 60 mm (LxWxH)


The Hero's Journey life coaching board game by Michael Fuchs & Jochen Messner

2-6 players embark on a hero's journey to become the best version of themselves


As heroes, you break free from the fixed structures and entanglements of everyday life. Mentors and magical instruments will help you with this. Do you have enough vitality to face your greatest dragon and master your life richly rewarded, or will the bone collector decide your future fate?


Game for adults, fans of self-exploration / self-development and families from 12 years


Ideal for self-coaching, for working on life transitions and general life questions


Based on the mythological hero's journey and other recognized psychological methods of self-actualization


With the “Transformica-Coach” expansion package, it is ideal for use in life coaching and therapy


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Product information TRANSFORMICA - The game

Whatever calls for development in your life, embrace it and embark on a journey that will change you forever.


Become a hero to gain access to your full potential. Discover your hidden side to grow beyond yourself. Will you pass the challenges and strengthen your hero character with sufficient health points? Which mentors will become your allies and with which magical tools do you finally face your adversary: ​​the dragon with the poison of your greatest fear!


The adventurous roller coaster ride through fantastic worlds to your full potential makes this game a deep psychological wolf in sheep's clothing of a parlor game.


Experience the magic of personal transformation with 2-6 players on a journey through a land full of inexhaustible possibilities, which brings your greatest fears as well as your most precious treasures to light.

Especially useful if you ...


.caught in the hamster wheel of endless activity and being busy

.mega successful, but lost your mojo in the process

feel like you are living someone else's life


.Enough of compulsive structures, rationalizations, projections, ignorance and repression


.want to come back into good contact with your family, your partner or your closest friends


.How Neo from The Matrix has the courage to follow the white rabbit

On the TRANSFORMICA trip you will find ...


.a big piece of quality of life


.your archetypal "allies" mentors and magic tools


.your own path to growth and vitality


.all that you thought lost


.Acceptance, curiosity, and compassion


.a way to meet your true needs


.the place you deserve in life


.Integrity, Purpose & Joy

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The gaming sessions


Learn from the developers in 3 live online gaming sessions how you can get the most out of every phase of the game: tips and tricks of the event fields, meaning of the dice fields, everything about game processes, hidden symbols and takeaways. Learn online in your playgroup how different and enriching the experiences in the game can be.


Online LIVE Meeting | 3 x 60 minutes on 3 evenings | 89, - EUR plus VAT

from July


Certification for coaches and therapists


Accompany your clients sustainably with this highly effective, playful tool and establish your unique coaching style.


The TRANSFORMICA bed game is based on proven psychological and therapeutic models of action for self-reflection, as well as for coping with life transitions and crises, and can therefore be used effectively in coaching and psychotherapy.

With the appropriate background knowledge of the phases and game elements of TRANSFORMICA, you as a coach and therapist are in a position to advance your client or your client group in their topic with the appropriate intervention techniques and deeper-reaching questions. From the right preparation and titration to the integration of new patterns and findings, you can use the game in all common formats.


Take advantage of the high attractiveness of board game-based advice. Your clients will open up more easily in playful interaction. Even the most difficult topics can be verbalized and integrated using TRANSFORMICA.

3 x 60 min online LIVE training + 8 h on-site training | 250, - € plus VAT.

from July
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