The Jedi Path to Agile Mastery

A journey to maturity and responsibility

The goal of this book is to guide today's leaders along a path to becoming the leaders of tomorrow – leaders who can wisely apply their courage to surmount the challenges of the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world we live in.


  • An expert guide from three vastly experienced and accomplished executive coaches

  • Learn effectively at your own pace, any time and anywhere

  • Convincing background knowledge and examples


Rückbesinnung auf dich selbst | the human side of agile

Lass die Anderen ruhig über Homeoffice-Tips reden! Von uns erfährst du wie gewohnt die tieferen Zusammenhänge und Geheimnisse, die dich in der Krisenzeit entlasten und unterstützen. In unserem Intro erfährst du, wie die Innere Arbeit dir ermöglicht, die äußere Arbeit zu tun. But wait...there is more...praktische Übungen folgen im nächsten Teil unserer FIVE4RETREAT Serie! 


From agile DOING to agile BEING

With our new development of a three-dimensional game simulation, real dynamics can be mastered on the way to an agile corporate culture.


Four playing field levels symbolize values ​​and action orientations that provide for agile dynamics and complex impact chains. With co-creation you clear the way into your own agile company structure. With agile mindset, full engagement, and personal empowerment, you can melt even the most stubborn hierarchies.


Teams join forces in a network of evolutionary solutions and innovative business cases to bring your company, customers and partners together into a glorious 21st century.


New Work - New Game. AGILITY IN THE 4th DIMENSION!

More about the AgileDynamicsGame®

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Manifesto of Agile Leadership

Through our consulting activity, we have come to appreciate these values:

Appreciation and responsibility more than control and regulation Transformation and integrity more than planning and image System vision and exploration more than rationalization and assessment

Liveliness and humor more than problem orientation and seriousness


That means that although we find the values ​​on the right side important, we estimate the values ​​on the left higher.


Agile forms of work and meaningful business concepts fascinate us since the beginning of our work as consultants. We have documented the forays through the world of self-organization of our customers in a map - the result is called FLOWLAND

Enjoy exploring these experiences of agile practice.

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Coming up 2020


We "relaunch" our planning game evergreen that must not be missing on any management floor: the "leadership journey" as a board game.


Those who want to check their agile mindset as managers in the VUCA world, strengthen their resilience, or explore the path to personal authenticity, are well served with this form of heroic journey. Play it on leadership development programs in team lab in business coaching or in the board meeting!


The universal Extrakracher with depth awaits you in 2019. STAY TUNED!

Coming up 2020


It is the game board that means your life: through ups and downs you go to the end of your days - the only question is, how much personal maturity and meaningfulness do you get along the way, or if you deviate meaninglessly between wrinkle cream and burnout clinic.


A new development of five4success in co-creation with Sabine Lück of Glückspiele Publishing.


For all those who got wet palms in "therapy" in 1988 and are now ready for a change of emotions until the doctor comes and says: Off to the clinic!



Coming up 2020

My Tribe, my Community, my World

What sense do companies that are not involved in a society-wide commitment do? Our goal is to provide businesses and nonprofit organizations with a game that highlights the complexities of a global global community with all its opportunities and risks.


The game together creates a constructive dialogue that opens up the perspective for creative solution scenarios in dealing with the VUCA world that no adult headrester would ever have thought possible.


We do not play for profit - we play for the quality of life and development opportunities of the coming seven generations. We will also be offering this playful exploration trip for you next year. CHILDREN TO THE POWER!


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